For over 25 years, Maywood Farms is a family owned grower, packer and shipper of conventional and California Certified Organic Fresh (CCOF) figs. We are lare enough to consistently fill large receivers' demands, yet small enough to ensure the quality of the fruit and customize each order.

The Beginning
Figs have been grown for thousands of years. They originated in Western Asia and the Mediterranean region. The Greeks valued figs so highly that Solon, a ruler of Attica, decreed against exporting them. The Romans considered figs a gift of the god Bacchus.

Black Mission Figs
Black Mission Figs are purple, honey flavored and rich. They were introduced to America by the Spanish Missionaries as missions were established along the West Coast.

Kadota Figs
Kadota figs are the American version of the original Italian Dattato fig, that is thick-skinned with a creamy amber color when ripe. Kadota figs are practically seedless with a honey like sweetness.

Brown Turkey Figs
Brown Turkey figs have a copper-colored skin, often with hints of purple, and white flesh that shades to pink in the center. Brown Turkey figs are large and very sweet.

Fresh Figs
You are probably more familiar with dried figs than fresh figs. If you have never tried fresh figs, you have missed a delicious treat. Try them out of hand or in one of these easy recipes.