Big Fig Gig

Edible Shasta-Butte

The California Fig Advisory Board identifies 9,300 fig-producing acres in the state. Bob Steinacher figures that with 172 of those acres under his care at Maywood Farms in Corning, his is "a mid-sized farm." His family grows organic figs, and last year they hit a big milestone...

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Loving Figs from Maywood Farms

Whole Foods Market

One of the fruits I look forward to all summer long is the fig. The fig season is broken up into two parts. The first small peak, known as the breba crop, occurs in May. This fruit really just serves to whet our appetites until the second season peak, which occurs in early...

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Figs are a Wonder of the Botanical World

Sacramento News & Review

What is a sweet, wonderful thing that grows from a tree, if not a miracle? And, surely, fruits are miraculous things-but lets not delude ourselves with talk of raspberries, apples and peaches. For no fruit, after all, is as miraculous as the fig. We are talking about...

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Mixed Fruit

Fruit Share

This week you'll find Black Mission Figs from Maywood Farms in Corning, CA. Unlike many of the farmers we know, Bob does not come from a long line of family farmers. In fact, Bob comes from Silicon Valley. But ever since he was a boy, Bob has dreamed of becoming a farmer...

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