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Organic Fresh Figs

Please Note: We do not sell or ship to individuals. We only sell directly to consumers if they come to our farm during our season.

Types of packs: Our fresh Black Mission, Brown Turkey, and Kadota figs are packed as:

  • 12-count one-pint "open baskets" boxes
  • 12- or 24-count 8oz UPC coded clamshell boxes

To serve our customer's needs, we offer boxes that are packed by ripeness. Our regular pack has a minimum two week shelf life. We normally ship this pack to chain stores and terminal markets.

Our ripe pack has a five day shelf life. These packs are preferred by restaurants and specialty markets that cater to customers who demand figs at their peak of flavor. When you place an order, talk to Bob about which pack is best for your customers.

Please note: Maywood Farms does not accept new wholesales customers after September 30th. If you have missed the date this season, please call us in August or September next season.